Connecticut Residents Are Vulnerable To ID Theft: Study

You might want to consider changing the passwords to any of your sensitive accounts if you live in Connecticut, according to a new study from the personal finance website WalletHub.

Connecticut is 10th most vulnerable state to identity theft and fraud, which takes on added seriousness in light of the recent massive breach at Equifax.

"Equifax has proven that absolutely no one is immune to cybercrime," writes WalletHub. "In September 2017, the credit bureau announced that it had fallen victim to one of the biggest data breaches in recent history. As a result of the hack, an estimated 145.5 million American consumers’ information had been compromised."

California is the nation’s most vulnerable to identity theft and fraud, followed by Rhode Island and the District of Columbia, Florida and Georgia, according to WalletHub. States six through nine are Michigan, Nevada, Texas and New York.

To determine the most vulnerable states, WalletHub studied three primary criteria, Identity Theft, Fraud and Policy. Click here to read the site’s full methodology.

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Under ID theft, WalletHub looked at fraud and similar complaints per capita, the average amount lost to such crimes and the number of people arrested for fraud per capita.

And despite being 10th overall, Connecticut is second only to California under the identity theft rank. For the other two criteria, Connecticut ranked in 30s.

As for the least vulnerable states, Iowa leads the pack, followed by West Virgina, Hawaii, Wyoming and Kansas.

To view WalletHub’s complete report, 2017’s States Most Vulnerable to Identity Theft & Fraud, click here.

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