Bought A Home In Boise Idaho

I really wanted to move to Boise Idaho after a friend of mine moved there. She had grown up there and then came to my hometown for college. After we both graduated we lived together until she found a job in Boise and decided that she should move back there to be closer to her family. I was going to miss her but we agreed to have a weekend so I could come down and visit her to see what her town is like since she learned all about mine while she lived here.

We made arrangements a few months after she moved for a weekend stay. I was luckily able to get the time off of work since I usually had to work on Sundays. I decided to drive there since it was only a few hours away from where I lived.

Upon arriving she showed me the new home she bought and we went out to eat shortly following that. After spending one weekend there, I decided it was somewhere I wanted to live for good. I started looking for real estate in Boise and found a few homes that I wanted to purchase. Of course before contacting anyone I asked her where they were located and if they were close to her. She said she was going to take a drive around her neighborhood to see if any of the homes there were for sale. She wanted to make sure that I would be living close to her.

That evening she called me back and let me know a home was for sale right down the street. She told me the address and the realtor it was listed with. I told her that I was going to look into it and I ended up buying it a few weeks later.